Coliseum – ‘The Lion’s Den’.

A Short Visit in the Coliseum – ‘The Lion’s Den’

Rome has the biggest amphitheatre in the world in the middle of the city. Build by the Flavian Family 72-80 aD. it still make people excited. 

Who gets excited? Everyone who has read and learned about how gladiators maintained their big bodies fit and strong to fight for years with other gladiators and to chase ferocious jungle animals. 

Here we need toad that it was a pleasure to watch top bodies of top gladiator-fighters from Thrace, Gallia, Dacia etc. 

Romans and Greeks, before the Romans, loved the perfect body and balanced mind. They spoke about the spirit. They learned how to control the emotions, in order to live better life. Better life in this case , life of success. 


How many of you have read or heard about the early Christians tortures and tribulations. At the time and reign of few emperors, Christians were accused of eating their babies alive. They were accused of marring between brothers and sisters. A less terrible accusation, could be considered that of, – stealing.

I any case, keeping healthy mentally or physically was so much less important to them, than keeping their right emotions, coherent with their spiritual health.

Their beliefs in eternal life through Jesus Christ, professing to be the Son of God, could cause them the physical death, but not shake their belief in Jesus being the Son of God. They could be torn by lions or tigers. They could make the lion calm down just the same.

This short video is describing what happened in the Coliseum, during the morning and afternoon games.

Enjoy and try and visualise, without going too far to feeling shivers on your body.