We live in difficult times – they say

The title refers to Europe at least. The wall between the east and the west fell long time ago…more than 25 years in fact have past…Fervent changes, happy people, enthusiasm and optimism, energy, dreams for an amazing future….

Reality proved a bit different…The novelty wore off and everyday life run its own ways. Some even believe it was better to have the wall, to have the fear of the communism.

In the meantime 2015 is a difficult year for the existence of Isis and the refugees who are trying to escape the massacre areas. Thousands of men women and children are getting on boats of any type and arriving at the Italian Coastal towns and islands, others go through land frontiers and there is no way one could see now, where it is leading to. Desperation arms the people to try and go as far away of their troubled countries as possible.

And the worse point in that is that the killings are done in the name of religion. It has happened in the past and more than once and we have not been able to prevent it happening again. Governments are meeting, discussing, fighting unable to put into action a unified effort and resolve. It seems that only a world supreme government could do something. The Bible has the Revelation books warning about world crisis but it is all explained in allegorical ways, so we find it difficult to understand. And we have progressed so much in some areas so we, people, do not want to accept that we are subjects, not only active makers of our reality.

And yet, there is hope. And it is in the wakening of millions of people. They understand that money is not everything, success is relative, if we are polluting our environment. Progress has not eliminated hunger and death. The big powers are playing with people’s votes. They don’t do what they are expected to do.  Should we be proud that we in the west are better than people in the east? Are we really better? What have we lost on the way to better living standards? Our humanity? Our love for the rest?

There, Love is the secret word that should change the world. Love! Love for the everyday life, for nature, for our families, for our traditions, for peace, for the universe. We need to get excited about life, do what we love doing as a job, get the maximum out of that and help those who are behind. It is possible now.

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