Release Inner Critic – Stay Positive

We all naturally have neural impulses that motivate us to take action, and also ones that keep us from taking action. If you aren’t getting the results you want in life, chances are you’re letting the wrong impulse circuit determine your behavior.

Mark Waldman teaches how we have to focus on the inner voices and what can we do to stop a negative critic, not letting you accomplish a lot.

Let’s say you want to write an article on important topic and you often think of getting to the desk and the computer to start it. Yet, you hardly ever manage to do anything.

Often, nearly always, a little voice inside your head, starts telling you things like: leave it for the afternoon, even the night when you can focus better; or something like only plan, ou never manage to do things, or .. you who is going to read you, girl, established writers have difficulties and you, you are nobody…

There is a trick or a hack you could use in these situations. need to have a great desire to accomplish a goal, in this case writing that article.

1) Listen attentively to the inner critic. See him as a person. Give him a name, Angelo. Tell him to stop talking for a bit.

2) Now divert your attention to your desire to write the article. Feel the emotion. That is the real you. Let yourself soak in the nice emotions. Visualize the end result as a big success. See yourself content, say thank you to the universe for giving you the senses to sample achieving the goal.

3) Now get up and sit with your computer putting down the title, the main points, the introduction, the conclusion titles.

If or when the inner critic surfaces again, invite him to keep quiet: “Angelo, I will talk to you later. I need to be alone now. Thank you but for the moment I want no help from you”

You will notice that it works. More you practice it, better you will get in that relationship with Angelo, the inner voice, the inner critic. You will start accomplishing step by step all the tasks.

You can always say thank you to Angelo, for giving you a pause.