Menopause Mindset Mastery – face thoughts, change them, fight fears

Fight the Limiting beliefs and unfounded Crippling Fears

Start Paying Attention to your Inner Voice

Menopause Mindset Mastery – 3 positive changes Menopause Mindset Mastery is incredibly helpful as you approach menopause and during the menopause years.

How can you develop a Menopause Mindset Mastery

A/ First of all, you can start paying attention to your inner voice telling your mind stories. Some of them are true, some are not. What are you choosing to believe about the menopause?  Statements like : “My partner will no longer find me attractive???, My body is getting older by the minute now???, Nobody can stop the deterioration in my bones, brain, skin and memory now” are all incredibly emotionally damaging.

Ladies, to me these thoughts affirm you have real tangible fears. You cannot afford to allow fears stop you having a life by design.

Fight the Limiting beliefs and unfounded Crippling Fears

You could choose the better ones like:

“I am continually working to retain elasticity of my skin, the beauty of my hair, the health of my bones and I will always attract my partner”???

How many times do you hear yourself speaking unkindly to yourself when you look in the mirror?  I bet you do it 2-3 times a week! Would you talk to your best friend that way?  No, you wouldn’t. Ok, It may be time for you to show as much compassion to yourself as you do for others.

Life Expectancy

Do you know that the average life expectancy for a woman now is 86!  So ladies, how are you going to choose to live the rest of your life? If you are 50 now, then that’s more than 30 years.  What does your mindset say now?

No, you don’t have to dress like a teenager

No, you don’t have to wear your hair short

No, you don’t have to apologize for speaking your mind

‘My Mother’

Recently my best friend shared about her mother. “She is better than me! She wants to listen to music when she is doing exercising in bed! Can you believe it – at 87 she does 5 excercises x 20 each, not bad ? We don’t do that, right D? And she wants me to apply best face cream on her, daily! On top of that, although she is sitting covered in bed nearly 95% of the time, she wants to have different skirts every day.”

No, you don’t have to feel invisible

No, you don’t need to stop taking care of yourself

No, you don’t have to stop wearing makeup

My advice comes down to 3 practical steps, ladies:

Step 1.  Write down the beliefs you currently hold and believe about yourself that are not necessarily helpful or useful to you?  Ask yourself why you are choosing to hold on to them?  This is the first step towards developing menopause mindset mastery.

After you analyse your choices to believe these negative things, you have

Step 2.   Decide what you want to choose to believe instead.  Embrace beliefs such as “I am wiser and have lots of real experience to deal with life changes???, “I am in charge of my lifestyle choices???, “Midlife is totally liberating an empowering???.

All of the above notions are actually true.  Think about all that you have achieved in your life so far.  In fact, why not write down all of your achievements and read it, acknowledge, accept it and celebrate all of those achievements no matter how small!

Maybe there have been times in your life where you discovered how much inner strength you have.  Knowing this is incredibly empowering.

Ladies, you are not going downhill.  Quite the opposite in fact.  You are entering a new, exciting, liberating phase of your life.  Yes, your body may not behave as it did in your 20s, but you can work with what you have to be the best version of you possible.

You have to learn Step 3 best!

Step 3.  Fight the Limiting beliefs and unfounded Crippling Fears

Step 3 is the most important of all, so start dealing with that immediately. Releasing the crippling fears might take you something like 90 consecutive days of systematic work, backed by a strategy and tools. But you need that ladies, so your smile adorns your face until you want!

Of course, you can’t keep the unhealthy choices and lifestyle you led in your 20s, because your body will let you know immediately.

So please, keep up your good healthy habits and spirits. Your character together with your appearance have made your partner fall for you, not only your looks.

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Have fun during menopause! Remember life is a game! lear to play it well!