Is It True Happy People Earn More Money?

Let me Choose My Own Adventure on Happiness or Money or Success

The relationship between money and happiness has been a hot topic for centuries. 

From the ancient Greeks to modern philanthropists and celebrities . . . we’ve all tried to answer the question: can humans succeed at making money and achieving happiness at the same time?

Yes, it has been confirmed and proven by the looking at the life of many practicing the LOA people.

They all practice using affirmations. They all meditate every single day. They all have a gratitude times of day when they face the good parts or events of the day. 
I should rephrase that. They look at different parts and events of the day and find how even the most negative, in first sight, event brings positive result for them.

The question of how the truly happy people earn more money is one of older dates.
This relation between happy people and them earning more money,  has been sensed but not necessarily explained until last 10 years.
NeuroScience explains that happy people have higher vibration. The ‘happy’ thoughts belong to higher vibration thoughts.

When you live in that tiger vibration, you affect all around you and people with lower vibrations will rise it as well, thanks to you.
When you listen to someone with lower vibration, you get to ‘feel’ it and you become less happy, more nervous, picky and distracted.

So how the happy people earn more money? They attract other happy people who are successful in the money aspect. People with same vibration notice each other and are much more likely to help each other to move forward.
You not only can become happy and successful, but you could do it choosing where to start?

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It is more like an intuitive answer to the inner ‘feelings’, They earn good money, they give the chance and tips to others with similar likes “vibration’ and they get that benefit.

Would you go and help someone you disapprove of? Hardly. Would you think, ‘Hey, he is a nice guy. Tell him what he needs to get that new super job’  Yes. This is how it works!

I am sure the French proverb ‘Chi se resemble, s’assemble’ comes from that same idea.