Innercise: Transform Your Limiting Beliefs into Powerful Epiphanies

Albert Einstein. Emily Brontë. Isaac Newton. C.S. Lewis. Nikola Tesla.

These are some of the greatest writers and scientists in history . . . and they all have one thing in common: they were notorious daydreamers!

Numerous studies in recent years have shown that the right kind of daydreaming can sharpen your mind . . . and help with problem-solving and long-term planning.

Your brain is lazy, yes. It always wants to do what it knows best, not to do too much work. Yet it is possible to cheat it. Your brain needs a ‘hint’ and ‘idea’, a ‘vision’ .

How do you pass this on to the brain?

You have a nice break when your mind starts wandering off. Go away, have a lie down, close your eyes and immerse yourself into the dream. Even after a short break, you will open your eyes refreshed, ‘re-boothed’. Your brain will have updated.

Do not push aside your dream. Let it linger in your thoughts.

Your brain has been given the starting point. It will add on to the idea and vision. It will come up with solutions to the dream. You just have to be ready to act.

This is very important. Act on each ‘add-on’ hunch. some of those hunches will prove positive moves to get you forward to your goal.

The quiet time of relax and short sleep are your innersize.

It has proven success rate. Mark Waldman has tested it with many more hacks on thousands of employees he has been given the task to train.