How Brain Works – Your Inner world Shapes your Outer world

Brain-A-thon: Shattering Your Financial Glass Ceiling by knowing how the brain works.

John Assaraf studies the brain and has made it work for him

John Assaraf, who you may recognize from the hit movie The Secret, has gathered a panel of the world’s top neuroscientists and brain experts to help you shatter your financial glass ceiling. Did you know that your inner world shapes your outer world? If you have any self-doubt, hidden fears or uncertainty, or even old limiting patterns, beliefs or habits, you’ll sabotage your financial ability and success!

Inner conversations could be “the discovery”

I wrote already in previous posts about how important our beliefs and habits are. They created our subconscious and as soon as you feel you are out of your comfort zone, they show up with an inner voice. “You shouldn’t be doing this, you are not prepared. You are not an expert. People will laugh at you. How can you compete with so many others. Leave it, forget it. Not today. It is too early.  You will fail. +++”

To this you could definitely add “You are tired, get some rest then tomorrow you will be in a better state to do it” Do you see how those thoughts sabotage you? Do you agree if you listen to them you will never take a step towards your goals?

I could tell you right here about one little trick you could use very successfully. It might seem childish, but it works. Start a little friendly conversation in your head with those doubts and fears. “Thank you so much, you know I have always listened and stopped so many times, but now I am grateful for your warning, really. Could you please be quiet for the moment. I will decide alone this time” Then you will see that voice goes away. Act before you hear it again. Action is more important than anything for your successful change.

There are so many fantastic hacks you can use today. And if you feel you are ready to learn more I strongly suggest you get your place for this incredible free video replay, for the event held in November with 7 amazing experts in the field  VIDEO REPLAY

I know how this video will open your eyes to the magic of our brain and you could start using the practical tips starting immediately after.

To your success

Denny Redpath