Healthy Mind in Healthy Body & Sound Spirit

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Have you noticed I started with the Mind? Healthy mind in healthy body & sound spirit

  1. The Mind !Yes ! It is not a mistake . The mind has an immense importance in the total state of health  We cannot be healthy physically, or at least not for a long time, if our mind is in chaotic state.  The most beautiful practical side of it is, that in this day and age, exist incredible practical ways to use the brain plasticity and make the mind behave the way we want it to behave.
  2. The Body? Well, we want to be healthy, to look good and to be liked by those that we like, to say the least. a) health  and shape of the body – Why not learn how to prevent health problems, maintain the good state of your health and your shape? I will do my best on this subject as well.  b)We will touch the theme ‘healthy food’ as without that our body cannot be in optimal health.
  3. The Spirit ? What do you think of people with high spirit? What is a sound spirit really? Is it arising from our dreams and wishes? Is it based on experience?
    Our spirit is a driving force for all possible successful actions.
    We want to get into shape,we all do. Where do we draw energies from to keep going for a long period to get that shape? Our joyful spirit is making us accept a failure and keep going. The failure is not seen as you being a failure, but as a helpful experience which we try not to repeat. We can’t assume we are failures, just because something we tried did not have a positive result.

All three of them are equally important for a harmonious happy life and we do work on all three of them in this blog.