Healthy Life style & Brain-Retraining help Permanent Weight-Loss

Eat Watermelon to Lose weight & Be Healthy
Eat Watermelon to Lose weight & Be Healthy
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Brain Retraining & Permanent Weight Loss

Starting with healthy life style, it is obvious that you will consume balanced tasty food, made with necessary proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. It will be presented often in way of fresh fruit and vegies, eggs, meat poultry and breads.  Add regular movement, long walks and workout in the gym and it gets better again. But when you involve brain retraining, results show and stay. You lose weight permanently.

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Don’t  get discouraged for not maintaining the weight you like to have. It is not your fault!! All those lies we hear, eat brown wholemeal bread, Eat low calories snacks, yogurt with fruit, etc etc….Meat is bad for you…Lies Lies Lies…You lose weight and gain it back soon after. First of all the information about the food is not correct, second cutting on calories and excercise  is not enough. The truth is you need an accountability partner, a forum, and mostly you need to Re-Train your brain. Behind the bad eating habits and putting on weight lie a lot of stress and fear, lack of conviction, lack of image of ourselves slim, fit and light.

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