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You cannot even begin to imagine how much of our success or failure in life depends on FEARS, deeply rooted in our subconscious mind. Maybe we were scared on occasions as kids, maybe at school we were bullied, maybe we were made fun of, or we failed exams, or we we around people who were violent etc etc etc…

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Whenever we dream, we forget for a moment the fear. We could even have overcome some fears or we started planning action against it.. Good. Then next day, we look at the plan, and find an excuse to do nothing, we delay the call, the conversation, the purchase etc…somehow subconsciously, a voice tells us…you can’t do that, you know nothing about that business, you are going to waste your time,  why bother, just do what you are already doing, you are safe like this….

Yes, an inside voice starts sabotaging us, brings negative emotion connected with  past memories…it might be memories from our parents, relations which scared us…anything…but it is not from the present!!! It prevents us from acting.

Of course, there are also “Good” fears, useful fears which prevent us from taking dangerous steps. But, brain does not make much difference, imaginative fear is the same as real fear for the brain..yes.  So…we need to check out ourselves and learn, if the fear of action is real, or fear is connected with emotion from a past event. It takes some Brain Retraining, but the results are PROVEN fact!!! And the Success of those People, makes them the best Witnesses!!!!!!!!!! A happy person, wants to contribute, to give back for he has received more than money, he has got his life back! A man without a cripling fear becomes a different person. It changes the quality of his life.

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