Use your Mind, Thought, Vision to Reject others’ Stress

Fight Stress. Don’t invite it voluntarily.

It is most difficult to keep away from the stress which comes from your workplace and family.
Have you felt a worry sometimes, without being able to pinpoint where it comes from?
We all feel that sometimes.
We can do a lot to bring down the consequences of the stress, but we rarely can control the tension which takes over us sometimes, just
like a fever.

Bad Vibration from others is like Irradiation or Passive Smoking

Focus, Fight & Win


When you are near a stressed person you take in all his emotional poison in your own body, just like the non smoker gets the cigarette poisonous smoke from the nearby smoker.

It would be logical to get stressed when we have to work under a deadline, but sometimes we are stressed when others around us go through stressful situations.

For most people their home is a “safe haven” where they relax and get recharged. But even that emotionally safe place called home, could explode if one of the members is under big pressure!

It is logical to “share” the stress of our close family, but sometimes we catch that when we have no emotional involvement.

For example, if you are waiting in a long line ( in some countries there are lines) and the person is front of you is nervous, you could easily get influenced by his emotional state, although you personally have no reason to be worried about anything in particular.

How can you avoid this phenomenon in the most practical easy way.

  1. PUT SOME DISTANCE BETWEEN YOU AND THE STRESSED PERSON – . The negative vibration due to the negative emotions will be less harmful from a distance. In some cases, when that is a family member, even an emotional distance would be appropriate. Remaining calm would benefit even your friend or stressed brother, you will agree.
  2. NOT FEEL GUILTY – Do not auto- accuse yourself, like – “ I made my husband mad with my slow parking. It is all my fault”. It is much better to learn by heart some phrases to repeat in such cases to yourself as mantras “This is not my problem, this has noting to do with me” or similar. Such phrases will reinforce the immunity against that kind of infectious stress.
  3. INVOLVE THE STRESSED PERSON IN A COMMON CONVERSATION – Most of the time, the person who is emanating the bad vibration, does not realise that. Once you start a simple conversation, it will dissipate the negative effect and half it at least. Only – remember not to try and calm him down by saying something like : – “Don’t worry man, relax” etc It only makes it worse!
  4. CREATE AN IMAGINARY DEFENSIVE WALL –  Since we can’t influence much the others in their emotions, we are left with the possibility to train our reactions to their visible negative emotions. One of the modern tools used with great success in last 20 years is, to imagine you are surrounded by a thick impenetrabile wall, on which negative vibrations bounce back!
    Another way to fight the infection of this secondary stress is TO SMILE to the person. Even if the smile is not natural, it makes us release endorphins, which are part of the “happy hormones. They are equally infectious like the stress! Use your smile as a weapon!