Fight Stress Use Bell Sounds, Sing & Retrain your Brain

Fight stress all ways possible

Music Therapy vs Stress

We all know that music therapy exists already for many years.

Listening to music can have a nice relaxing effect on the mind and the body, as for example slow, quiet classical music. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions. It slows down the pulse and heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and decreases the levels of stress hormones.

Music absorbs our attention and acts as a distraction ffor the brain at the same time. It helps to explore emotions. It can be a great aid to meditation, helping to prevent the mind wandering.


Singing and shouting


Singing is another way of releaving stress. Shouting while training some sports is also practiced. While we focus on reproducing a melody and remember the text it takes our mind for a short time away from the stressful topics. If we also hear our own voices, we are sometimes taken by surprise of how it sounds and we unwind for the time being.

Mindfulness Clock connected to Bells ringing

How does the sound of a bell help us to fight stress? The research on that was done by Mark Robert Waldman, who has tested it with thousands of employees and students, when called to train them to relax and be more productive during their working day. What Mark Waldman affirms, is, that it is not the sound quality of the bells that is having the beneficial effect on productivity. The Bell rings are used to remind us to stop for a minute what we are doing. Ringing automatically at regular intervals, the bells can be downloaded on your mobiles or desktops to remind you to pause!

Here are some popular downloads for your computer and cell phone:
Computer: Try using either of
these programs:
Popular phone apps:
Try the app at – it’s free and works for iphones and androids.

The pause itself is made much more effective by adding Stretching and Yawning for few seconds. Only few seconds and our brain gets refreshed.  We are ready to achieve peak performance for about an hour after that.  So the Bell is connected to a clock to ring at regular intervals. Mark is calling it Mindfulness clock. It just reminds us to pause, stretch, yawn and relax the brain. It brings us back to the present. “Stress levels drop instantly while performance and productivity level soar.” {M.R.Waldman}

World Health Organization states that stress is the #1 disease in the world. A combination of what we discussed here with brain-retraining program have the biggest success in fighting stress. Mark’s Audio training program in mindfulness and positivity is integral part of his NeuroWisdon 101.

Brain Retraining

Considering that our stress is due to some major factors like not being successful with what we achieve on some of the areas in personal relationships, some health issues, personal finances, getting a perfect job or earning enough, it can be dealt with by brain retraining best. In the last 10 years this is one of the sciences which have made astounding progress.

As John Assaraf says, You can have it all. You just need to put your mind to it. Let the experts retrain you.  This is a proven method. Webinar is excellent >> you can have it all <<

The brain retraining is the ultimate medicine. Stress dissipates and excitement takes over. Thousands use it and report unbelievable unexpected results. Their entire life improves. They find themselves and all fall into places.