The Brain, Subconscious & Conscious Mind and Financial Success 3

Mindset about Money
Financial Abundance starts with right Mindset

You can program your brain

Mastering your brain will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. In the next 3 minutes, I am going to show you the inside mental game you need to have, not the business actions you need to take. See the VIDEO HERE

You already know things you should be doing to make more money, but you’re not doing them. It’s not a matter of your desires, it’s a matter of your conditioned mind and the power it has over you. You need to program your brain for success—a process called brain entrainment.

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If you want to know what is currently programmed about money at the non-conscious level of your brain right now, just look at your current income and financial situation.

If you aren’t happy with your current financial status, think about this magical formula:

Internal Beliefs – Conditioned Mind

Information + Experiences x Repetition = Beliefs
Beliefs + Experiences x Repetition = Habits

Your habits cause you to do and see only that which supports the internal beliefs and habits you currently have. Our internal neural pathways seek out patterns and information that are the same and match up in the physical world. The outside world matching our internal image is our comfort zone.
Your internal mental picture—your current conditioned mind—will not see or allow you to behave for too long, in ways that support your desired financial goals unless you change the inside belief and habit first, which requires time.

The biggest problem people face is that everyone tries to alter behavior instead of altering the cause of behavior, which is our internal beliefs and “mental thermostat.” You have to first change your financial thermostat. Of course, it means you have to realise that this change in beliefs is needed. Most people do not have that knowledge.

If you do not alter your internal belief about money, and about your ability to earn more, your internal mental systems will not allow you to consistently see or act in accordance with what you want to achieve. They will force you to consistently achieve the same income year in and year out. If you want to soar to the next level of success, check out the Brain-A-thon event, a free virtual event to help you retrain your brain, breakthrough what’s holding you back and achieve the success you’ve been wanting. VIDEO HERE