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Healthy happy life

Happy life means healthy life. Healthy life equals harmonious development of mind spirit and body.  The phrase healthy mind in healthy body and sound spirit was used years ago,more than now, but it’s a good description of a healthy person. When we think about health goals you know they change in the process of learning and pushing ourselves to get better and better. The mere fact of going out of our “comfort zone”  is a positive contributor for a stimulated healthy life. Stimulation is vital for our health.

Body health

Starting with keeping our body in shape, we will post on latest trends and success exercises and practices. Here is of course the Weight Loss topic, as healthy means also no excess weight! Eating healthy is in large part responsible for our healthy body.

Brain health

Brain health involves the splendid amazing work of our Minds. Latest discoveries on  Brain Plasticity will be shared from Brain Science and Brain retraining category. Let us get used to the term Gym.

Emotional health

Where do we get our inspiration to have high Spirits and joy for our Souls?  What brings us powerful good Emotions? Good emotions lead to better healthier life. We would be sharing some awesome meditation, mindful and inspiring work from the most renowned Experts in the Law of Attraction.

And more healthy tips and discoveries

Music, aromatherapy, intuition, positive thinking, healthy lifestyles will be part of the posts here.  Top Mind Top Body strives to contribute to our entire well being.




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