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Welcome to everyone! On this website Home Page Top Mind Top Body I want to give a short description of what we want to achieve.

After testing many theories on what is best for the body, emotions, mind and spirit I decided to share my knowledge.

I took different courses. I believe we all need to learn to do Meditation.  We should all learn to use Positive Affirmations. They have a proven record of bringing benefits

Latest five years there was a glamorous success in Brain Retraining which makes your Mind work for you, not against you. I find it very powerful. It can make you from failure to success.

If you really want to feel better you have to consider also Healthy Food and Healthy eating Habits with Bio Ingredients.

When people say ‘fit and top shape’, they always imagine the physical body. Well, yes, that is the ‘temple’ which we have to maintain clean, hydrated, aired, rested and fit. It is not just outside appearance.

Movement and exercise are part of the work we need to put in to be physically fit. Professional coaches know what is best for each individual. He takes in consideration your age and state of your body.

I post reviews on some courses offered by others. I think people need to be informed as much as possible in as short as possible reviews saving time.

The Training Programs for a best shaped and healthy body are led or endorsed by proven health and fitness coach.

Smaller health problems or notions about health problems like, signs of Thyroid Problems, we handle with best available information. We advise you take all serious health problems to your doctor first.

I share Programs for Weight Loss,
which I know work well.

Occasionally I deal with Beauty Tips and Information.

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